Somewhere between Xanadu and Pearl Harbour amid rubber sharks, giant spiders, Martians and evil leprechauns live Nicko & Joe's Bad Film Club.

Have you ever been stuck watching a film at the cinema and wanted to laugh out loud at the saccharine sweetness of sappy moment? Wanted to shout, “THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN” during any number of films staring Tom Cruise? Felt the urge to throw popcorn at the screen in protest? Well now you can!

The Bad Film Club has created a place where likeminded folk can gather to celebrate the guilty joy that is a good bad movie and re-create that living room atmosphere of a night in with friends.

For the first time the shackles of polite cinema etiquette are discarded as the audience are encouraged to jeer, heckle and participate with the film creating a unique interactive cinema experience. Because, as we know, nothing is as much fun as watching a bad film with friends but, then again, nothing can be more soul destroying than watching one alone.

Armed only with their wit and their laser pointers the duo take you on a journey through bad plot lines, terrible dialogue, awful acting and some of the worst special effects known to man. And all the while they provide a live DVD style commentary just in case you missed the worst bits.

Just to prove it's not just Nicko & Joe who love bad movies they've has some pretty special guests perform at The Bad Film Club including Stewart Lee, Phil Nichol, Brendon Burns, Robin Ince, Rhys Thomas, Glenn Wool and Simon Munnery. So what started back in January 2006 as a tiny club for film masochists has grown, mutated and transformed into a popular cult hit, touring the country and poised to debut at this years Edinburgh Fringe. So why not check to see when they are playing near you, who knows who might be popping in for a night of bad movie fun.

“Watching a bad film on your own can be a pointless, soul-destroying experience. In company, though, it can be painfully hilarious” The Guardian

"Watch awful films accompanied by live commentary and try not to die laughing" - Empire

"Taking the piss out of such movies in the rowdy, bear-pit atmosphere that Nicko and Joe encourage is, I think, a way of reclaiming some of the time we've lost to all those bad films…I suspect this goes to the heart of the Bad Film Club's appeal." Time Out

"Rather than making the audience suffer in silence, some films are better for having invective hurled at them" - The Sunday Times

"This surprisingly uncynical enterprise is always blissfully funny. Even when it’s Michael Winner" - LeCool

"Cinema doesn't get any better - or worse - than this" - South China Morning Post

Who are Nicko & Joe?

Nicko & Joe have been confusing, disturbing and delighting audiences with their unique brand of comedy since 2004. Their infectious enthusiasm on stage and twisted creativity in their writing has resulted in many comparisons being made to other artists. These range from the surreal group 'They Might be Giants' to 'Trey Parker and Matt Stone', creators of South Park.

Their first hour-long show, "Songs we think we know", which they debuted at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival back in back in 2004, was critically well received as was their last show "Nicko & Joe - Sell Out" which was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe in the prestigious Underbelly venue.

As well as their live shows they already have three CD's under their belt, "Geek by Proxy", "Wallpaper" and "Auld Tartan Fudge Box", the latter proving that Joe should never be allowed to name the CDs.

"Nicko and Joe are a British duo whose genuine comic expertise turns out to be a line of disaffected, middle-class filth" - The Age

" Splendidly Bolshi...have already found the courage to antagonise an audience rather than seduce them and to declare war on feminism before a right on Edinburgh audience takes exceptional nerve" - The Telegraph

"There's a nice, delicately balanced chemistry between this pair" - The List

"A double act with a difference...Their super sweetness offsets the acidic nature of their biting songs ****"
Three Weeks

You can find out more about the duo at their other website